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Item Database - Collar of Amplification

Collar of Amplification Icon #151933 This is a product of illicit research inside a rogue laboratory. Though production of it is banned, copies of the collar have been leaking into general circulation.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear, Use
Patch 16.0 18.4.6
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Neck
Value 145500
Equip time 0.1s
Mass 0.6kg
To Equip User Computer literacy >= 400
On Equip User Modify Sensory improvement 10  
User Modify First aid 7  
User Modify Treatment 7  
User Modify NCU memory 15  
On Use User Summon Item CLOC  
User Destroy Item  
Moniker @ 2005-08-22 12:57
Guess the little bugger is from the new foremans dungeon, im glad theres beacon warp :)
Eomaia @ 2005-08-28 22:00
That's great, assuming that FC doesn't nerf it. ;)
Pung @ 2005-10-01 06:26
bacon wrap should be closed
Alkohoolik @ 2005-10-05 20:55
great item...but...i cant have it :( because i did Lindas quest before Biomare...and now i cant get the "report" from Linda...*sniff*
Pnunu @ 2005-10-21 02:24
AO Froobs .com has a very good guide to Biomare (to pick up this handy item!)
Skarmory @ 2005-11-11 13:36
This doesn't seem so geat compared to a normal tag... what's the catch?
bugi @ 2005-11-14 12:22
There are ways to get the biomare quest again (petition, if nothing else, has been mentioned to work), just search AO forums.

What is the catch? You're not supposed to wear this all times (unless you're lacking in any single one nanoskill and/or are shade). There are not many neck-items that give treatment, especially for lower levels... That is the catch.
bugi @ 2005-11-14 12:24
Oh forgot, FC is working on fixing the biomare quests (mentioned in those AO forums) so that no matter which way you start/end/fail with them, you will be able to finish the quest (unless you have dinged 101).
Anonymous59 @ 2006-02-05 13:47
Beacon Warp doesn't work in Biomare...I tryed :'(
Zuoxi @ 2006-02-07 03:32
When you use one of the Collars of Amplifications, it destroys itself and summons another version, just keep using it until you get the one you want.
enfizzle @ 2006-09-01 20:14
pfft, wanted this on MY NT twink, shame about the xp rewards, im allready level 60 :(
Endemicx @ 2006-11-24 06:29
make a new one then :P
buttmuffin @ 2007-07-06 07:26
terminate alot?
bartje @ 2008-05-29 12:37

Turn off XP gain? 100% Global research?
Phicks @ 2008-11-09 03:53

in 2006? :p
hardstyler88 @ 2009-04-24 17:58
that's just what i needed on my lvl 60 :)
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