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Item Database - Portable Market Interface

Portable Market Interface Icon #296047 This is a portable shop interface.
Note: Once this item is used, a market terminal will spawn to the ground for 15 minutes and you will be locked from using this item again for the next 20 minutes.
Flags Visible, No Drop, Unique
Can Carry, Use
Patch 15.8 17.7 18.0 18.4.5 18.5
Change QL:
Value 10000
Attack time 1s
To Use User Profession == Trader and
User Computer literacy >= 756
On Activate Self AddSkill Nano programming 3  
On Use User Lock Nano programming 1200s  
Chat Text A temporary market terminal has been spawned to the ground for 10 minutes.  
User Cast GMI Access Granted  
User Summon Item PTMA  
Larra @ 2005-02-10 19:17
Anyone know where drop it?
Rantera @ 2005-02-11 02:32
Buyable in the trader store.
zyx21 @ 2005-02-18 06:35
wow... lol
PeteFox @ 2005-07-05 15:06
Anyone know what it exactly does? o.O
bnemesis @ 2005-07-19 04:11
Allows you to open up a global shop search anywhere without having to stand at the terminals. :-)
Its great for when you have a backpack of goodies that you are filling your shop with. You can check current market prices.
tegrere @ 2005-12-14 06:02
tegrere @ 2005-12-14 06:02
too bad its could make a bunch of money selling them...
Voriuste @ 2006-01-17 14:57
Why could you make money selling them if it wasnt nodrop? any trader that has at least 756 CL has most likely worked out how to use the trader shop...

or do you mean if it wasnt nodrop and it was hackable somehow :)
Zuoxi @ 2006-10-22 22:41
Yeah, WTB one for my fixer and NT... that would be fun
jeycihn @ 2009-12-10 08:36
100% awesome
replica10 @ 2011-05-07 13:00
lowest levels to reach 756 cl on a trader with and without predraining?
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