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Item Database - Quantum Physics Laboratory

Quantum Physics Laboratory Icon #159122 A well stocked Quantum Physics Laboratory for an official organization. It can be used to apply theoretical research in practical applications.
Flags Visible, No Selection Indicator, Stationary, Repulsive, Unique, Disable Statel Collision
Can Use
Patch 15.6.1
Change QL:
Value 500
Attack time 0.1s
Mass 10kg
To Use User Expansion sets & Alien Invasion
On Use User Temporary Mechanical engineering for 600s 160  
User Temporary Electrical engineering for 600s 160  
User Temporary Quantum physics for 600s 160  
User Temporary Weapon smithing for 600s 160  
User Temporary Pharmaceuticals for 600s 160  
User Temporary Nano programming for 600s 160  
User Temporary Psychology for 600s 160  
User Temporary Chemistry for 600s 160  
User Graphics Effect #13600  
User Lock Computer literacy 900s  
Chat Text You start the quantum scanning equipment.  
On Activate Self AddSkill Computer literacy 3  
philip @ 2005-09-26 03:02
McYoda @ 2005-10-21 15:40
Indeed :P~~
BlindMonkey @ 2005-11-21 19:51
Found in my Org city hall
bartje @ 2006-05-01 20:55
too bad to comp liter is in it too... =( its the UBAH twink item than =)
bartje @ 2006-05-01 20:55
add 3 comp liter i just see =/
Voriuste @ 2006-05-13 06:14
No, it dosent...
AlphaCenta @ 2006-07-10 20:24
Really uber for putting on Cure for Baldness at low levels ^^
Satertek @ 2008-12-15 00:57
Small HQ - Private Study +50
Medium HQ - Private Laboratory +100
Large HQ - Quantum Physics Laboratory +160
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