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Item Database - Water Glyph of the World

Water Glyph of the World Icon #227584 The duty of the Faithful is to protect life and return the world to balance. For this they will be rewarded by becoming one with the source of life.
Flags Visible
Can Carry
Patch 15.0.1 15.5
Change QL:
Value 100000
Mass 0.2kg
Anarchangelx @ 2010-03-28 13:48
Clan Doctor, Fixer, Metaphysicist and Trader Glyph.
This grouping is also used for:
1. The Blue Glyph of Ocra
2. And for characters unable or unwilling to get these glyphs easily in Pandemonium, the tradeskill ingredient for the process to make the Blue Glyph of Ocra, the Consanguineal Embryo. Information on which one exactly is sadly missing from any source

See for the most complete information on this subject.
Anarchangelx @ 2010-03-28 16:25
2. Revised: The Fruition of the Reposeful + Consanguineal Embryo of Duat = Blue Glyphs of Ocra.
Making Blue Glyphs will soon be on AO Devs Wiki, on the Faithful Armor page or linked from there.
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