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Item Database - Insignia of the Faithful

Insignia of the Faithful Icon #227629 The duty of the Faithful is to protect life and return the world to balance. Their reward will be to become one with the source of life.
Flags Visible
Can Carry
Patch 15.0.1 15.4 17.9
Change QL:
Value 100000
Mass 0.2kg
Localhorst @ 2006-03-17 18:17
where do i find that?
Metroid @ 2006-03-21 21:02
Pen/Inf redeemed and unredeemed mobs drop these.
unlike the insignias, you can get both Faithful and Chosen insignias from either side. Chosen insignias can be traded for Faithfuls in inferno redeemed temple, and vice-verca
Dumbarajko @ 2007-05-04 20:47
heheh, you can buy one for 500k and sell it for 20m << been there, done that
tacoleet @ 2008-05-24 22:35
Got one to drop off Acolyte Gal Bela. Killed it about 5 times, only 1 drop. Acolyte can be found in the area after the portal from Penumbra, amidst all the spirit mobs. Usually sitting near the trees in the center.
Towelie @ 2010-05-30 21:31
What is this for?
Scorcher24 @ 2010-10-31 09:43
T3 Armor
Pung @ 2013-08-09 21:08
Can like chosen be traded for..
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