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Item Database - Exterminator Unit Crepuscule Pants

Exterminator Unit Crepuscule Pants Icon #213574 Sturdy, yet flexible pants, with extra protection around the groin and seat areas.
Flags Visible, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 15.0.1
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Legs
To Equip User Intelligence >= 951 and
User Psychic >= 951 and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands
On Equip User Texture Legs 223005  
User Modify Projectile AC 375  
User Modify Melee AC 375  
User Modify Energy AC 750  
User Modify Chemical AC 750  
User Modify Radiation AC 750  
User Modify Cold AC 375  
User Modify Poison AC 750  
User Modify Fire AC 375  
User Modify Time and space 8  
User Modify Nano resist 60  
User Modify Nano cost modifier -2  
Gurudee @ 2006-07-24 04:41
Not great AC's, but prolly a better option for a doc than, say, t2 pants.
...unless you REALLY want that Fling buffage. o_0
I'll take -2 Nano cost modifier and 44NR over 200AC and +15 Fling anyday.
Whitey @ 2006-10-24 11:24
GL killing level 300 SL mobs to get the parts :P
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