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Item Database - Element of Radiation

Element of Radiation Icon #39028 Makes all the casters attacks inflict radiation-based damage for the duration of the nano formula. The nano formula has a cool down period of 15 minutes where the caster is unable to cast a new nano from the Element series.
Flags Buff Nano, Mirror In Left Hand
Patch 15.0.1 18.8.53
QL 218
Crystal Nano Crystal (Element of Radiation)
NCU 30
Nanocost 380
School Space: Enforcer elements
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 2s
Recharge time 2s
Range 20 m
Effect icon Icon 84078
Stacking order 50
To Use User Matter creation >= 1320 and
User Matter metamorphosis >= 1315 and
User Profession == Enforcer and
User Specialization & Fourth and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands and
User Level >= 218
On Use User Modify Radiation damage modifier 33  
User Change Damage type Radiation AC  
Akarah @ 2004-08-12 23:55
stupid nanoline.
picsl2 @ 2004-08-13 20:24
can u carry a weapon and still attack with Rad. Dmg? or is it like the MA's nanoline where u gotta have no weapon or a weapon that rolls on the Phys. init. scale?
Serturos @ 2004-10-13 16:26
All the nano does is convert your damage type to radiation, which is nice if you have two title 6 rings and your dmg is allready radiation, but yeah its like the ma energy attack nano just changes dmg to temp type. the duration is a bit low for a lvl 218, I figured at least a few mins would be worth it.
skybert @ 2005-02-07 16:30
It's for those "OMG! this mob is totally immune to my damage, I wish I did another damage-type instead, if only for 30 seconds"-situations.
Can't tell I've ran into many of those situations....
zyx22 @ 2005-06-04 12:21
More challenger themed nanos.. wee.
seejin @ 2005-06-12 20:05
altest you can cast other nanos just not this exact nano line, unlike challenger were you can't cast anything.
Talan @ 2005-07-05 06:05
Wonderful nano-line for tanking Urqhart The Absorber as just an example, mongrol switches his reflect (which can reflect up to 1000 points of damage), so very handy. And there are other places where this nanoline could come in really.
Xwretchedx @ 2005-09-15 03:07
Yep... 100% agreed with Talan... Urqhart is a nasty mofo... Usually you have to stop attacking when his reflect is on your damage type... Unless you can change it *Cough*
Giantsquirrl @ 2005-11-15 19:17
Kyai @ 2005-11-16 00:59
Getting the MC for this one is a BIG IP sink, for little return, still the others shouldn't be to much of a problem.
trantonx @ 2005-11-26 15:36
where do the element based dmg nanos drop i wanna know pst trantonx, rimo (r-k2)
Stehn @ 2005-12-06 22:59
kyai its not that big of an ipsink considering u need it for SL essence
enzy203 @ 2006-01-23 08:25
this nano line is gay, it would be sweet if it lasted like an hour
Yunkie @ 2006-01-27 19:53
rofl Kyai ur MC should be maxed anyways for essence

Shojumaru @ 2006-01-31 19:08
Hmm... Can't stop thinking here... Isn't radiation the highest AC type on SL mobs?
Raveneffect @ 2006-04-22 11:55
There's more to this game than Hecks Sho... like Aliens... and camping
Kyai @ 2006-05-01 06:03
Maxing MC to use this is kinda retarded... ess you can buff by hotswapping stuff like phulaks/arithmetic/comm relay etc. For this you need to overspend IP as you can't hotswap mid combat ;)
bartje @ 2006-05-10 22:06
what the heck was Funcom smokin when they thought this nanoline>?
asoe @ 2006-05-12 06:39

i like smokin ketchup with fiber optic cables, sometimes a few wood chips go in too...
Whitey @ 2006-05-24 11:21
Actually the only thing I like about this line is the cool MA style flaming hands. To me, that alone is worth spending IP in MM to cast it :P
Razvann @ 2006-12-15 11:49
Guys let me tell you a small story there was a small building called biodome and in this biodome there was a big ugly looking boss who from time to time casts a damage shield of 1000 damage on some armor class random and the enfo sayd no i dont use this couse is a stupid nano so he hit with energy damage and the boss casted the damage shield on energy armor class so he keeep on taking 1k damage till the doc couldnt handle and he died then the rest of people raiding died .
So chids did you learn something from this or no????
bartje @ 2007-02-11 15:14
kinda vague
Solostron @ 2007-03-10 12:05
Razvann's post might have been a bit more mocking if he had actually used proper spelling and grammar. It's quite funny seeing someone who spells kid with a "ch" try to act like they're more than 10 years old. :P
Solostron @ 2007-03-10 12:14
Not to mention the question marks; the use of four is a sure sign someone is a few cards short of a full deck.
unkman @ 2007-04-11 14:20
i run into "helen van dummy" in inf/pen mish's where their shield/ac was so high that cold was just not cutting it going from a normal 1500ish damage to 250ish with ai sword.. using the flame or chemical was doing 1500ish again of that damage type so its for those instances come in handy where the others in your team are doing less than you if theirs is cold also.. like the new dreadlock assault rifles

FYI the "helen van dummy" mobs shield varies on its AC cold/rad/fire/ect..
samuel1001 @ 2007-04-16 20:36
hmm i know this post was a long time ago but still enzy203 @ 2006-01-23 08:25
this nano line is gay, it would be sweet if it lasted like an hour
ma highest fist nano only last 30 min and was meant to be the only class that could do it
so if fucom made it where you could do it even for 30sec in most of the time what is 1 min fight you should praze them who should get mad is ma's every where enfor. can change there damage for 1 and 2 they got ice,rad,and poison ma's didnt even get that
Whitey @ 2007-07-03 03:17
changed my mind, i like this line alot now, esp. in tl5 pvp with soc/crispy do diff dmg types, using this cuts though NT's absorbs/cocoon like anything.. damn nice if you ask me...
zerogates @ 2008-04-08 19:30
WTB melee damage version
Esproc @ 2009-02-16 17:59
haha, element of iron for enfo and make iron fist for ma actually set type to melee :? yeah right :/
floyd @ 2009-03-28 00:22
this is very sweet for pvp if you are duel wielding 2 different weapons with 2 different damage types. this makes you cut through absorb etc a lot quicker
Dumilame @ 2010-07-10 03:22
Bah u guys dont get it? IF u are a pvp enfo try to cast this when u challenge a engi/advie/enfo/keeporz means they got coon and if u have 2 weapons equipped at 220 and u deal different damage, casting this will cut opponent's coon like butter cuz it set it to sme damage... thats soo usefull in pvp its a must have imho... i am not sure i would get radiation one because of reqs.. but poison ye definitely.
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