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Item Database - Composite Infuse With Knowledge

Composite Infuse With Knowledge Icon #16308 Increases all nano skills of the target by 90 points.
Flags Buff Nano, Disable Statel Collision
Patch 15.0.1 15.5.5 17.1
QL 100
Crystal Nano Crystal (Composite Infuse With Knowledge)
NCU 25
Nanocost 1800
School Psionic: Sensory improvement MP buffs
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 2s
Recharge time 2.5s
Range 14 m
Effect icon Icon 16457
Stacking order 45
Attack skills
Sensory improvement 50 %
Psychological modifications 50 %
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 633 and
User Sensory improvement >= 633 and
User Profession == Meta-Physicist and
User Level >= 100 and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands and
User Specialization & First and
Target Expansion sets & Shadowlands and
Target Level >= 90
On Use Target Modify Sensory improvement 90  
Target Modify Matter metamorphosis 90  
Target Modify Biological metamorphosis 90  
Target Modify Psychological modifications 90  
Target Modify Matter creation 90  
Target Modify Time and space 90  
major @ 2003-10-06 02:41
is possible to find in shop at sheol, but where i don t know, juste a friend to told me....
major @ 2003-10-06 02:42
but he told to me at 1 3OO OOO cred...
Zonath @ 2003-10-31 18:33
Yeah... it's expensive, but well worth it. Only annoyance is everyone asking you to cast it on them all the time.
ZzziippIT @ 2003-12-31 01:34
Im on atlantean... if any1 can sell this nano 2 me i would be grateful, send tell 2 "Mpzzziippit"
evilprince78 @ 2004-09-29 22:39
wow!! am a new MP and have been able to cast this from day one of being lvl 100 and OMG people ask me for this every time I turn around!! What is a good price for tips to ask for from people?
tuzzi @ 2004-10-01 11:53
i tip 100k for CI
But now i make my self a MP on my second acc so i dont need to beg other for CI anymore :p
Thats my way to save cred
U can shop this nano in Ado Garden btw
Serturos @ 2004-10-29 18:04
The nano is around 1.3 mill, adon. probably in the top 5 of nanos cast in game, now I know how a fixer hates the word GSF..
Minokhoon @ 2004-11-01 03:01
This can be bought from Adonis garden - and the garden key is probably the easiest to get - get help to get a "Note" (look up a guide for the quest, then you know what im talking about), and after that, its all running ;) The nano costs around 1.3 mill, but when i did it in level 160, that was pocketmoney for me :P Ofcourse, when i was level 100, i just bought it off someone else. But its fun to be able to do stuff yourself (and you can't deny that garden access in Adonis is nice ;))

Anyone level 150+ should be able to get this nano for you..
Minokhoon @ 2004-11-01 03:09
Oh and, ofcourse - should anyone need these, give me a tell on RK1 :)
Bbelgici @ 2004-11-23 18:28
i tipp 500k for a CI, i m Bbelgici on atlantean...
plz guyz help me out on this on
vickos @ 2005-04-30 21:09
Want to buy, send till vickos on RK2.
olezero @ 2005-09-21 16:17
just get someone with ado garden key to get it for you
GS059 @ 2005-09-27 16:46
is it stackable with the 140 buffs mp's can do?
Glargh @ 2005-10-05 06:12
Nope, they occupy the same nano line.
Nytmare @ 2005-11-08 16:37
Do u need the peremant key inorder to use garden shops?
Nuadha @ 2005-11-15 23:18
Yes, you need the permanent garden (or sanctuary) key to buy nanos in the shops there. For the other shops (armor, meds, etc.), you do not need a key.
wilbemine1 @ 2005-11-21 23:51
you can always have someone buy this for you...
Jippo @ 2006-01-20 10:24
"i tipp 500k for a CI, i m Bbelgici on atlantean... plz guyz help me out on this on"

Well well, of cource :) because this costs 1.3m!
But seriously, cast this to teammate is not so hard, I do it if someone ask. I'm not greedy. (tipping is not bad idea)

But look the requirements first:
- Shadowlands expansion set
- lvl >90

Then ask :)

jinks @ 2006-02-28 14:03
Just out of curiosity...

Is it still common to tip for buffs/tradeskills on RK1/RK2 ?

On RK3 noone would tip you for a buff and also for most tradeskills (carbon esp) you just have to provide the parts. Don't know about the bigger bracers though.
12lettername @ 2006-04-28 09:54
People will tip for the more exotic buffs (as in, buffs other than behe/CI/CM/GSF/morph), and most tradeskills.
Jinzost @ 2007-02-09 01:03
im sorry i just dont get it...

why do ppl need this when they aren't even twinking or anything like that??? I mean ppl ask for this JUST TO HAVE IT!!!

i mean seriously it gets f***in annoying when ppl ask for this, and if i dont have it, cm, and if i dont have that then they ask for ct!!

my main question is just why do ppl ask for this when they dont need it??
charmo @ 2007-03-17 02:47
So that they can land charms, use heals as they lvl etc etc etc etc ,.....
Heptagram @ 2008-06-30 21:11
Wonder if this will be hard for a sloob opi mp to cast at level 100 ...
Moniker @ 2009-12-20 20:12
ci plox kthx bai
charmo @ 2011-04-10 18:29
@hepta no its not. Very easy to cast at lvl 100
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