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Item Database - Imminence of Conflict

Imminence of Conflict Icon #38900 Creates an enhancing aura around the Keeper that prepares people for battle, increasing the attack and defense ratings of every member of the Keeper's team. This particular aura increases the attack rating by 7 points and the defense rating by 29 points.
Flags Modified Description, Buff Nano
Patch 15.0.1 15.5.5 18.8.53
QL 64
Crystal Nano Crystal (Imminence of Conflict)
NCU 16
Nanocost 1137
School Psionic: Sentinel Ward
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 10s
Recharge time 5s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 39429
Stacking order 64
To Use User Profession == Keeper and
User Psychological modifications >= 353 and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 353 and
User Level >= 50
On Use Team Cast Imminence of Conflict  
Team Cast Imminence of Conflict  80 hits, 180s delay
Palitrine @ 2005-01-22 20:18
Mission rollable.
Thewiteknite @ 2005-10-30 18:35
store buyable too i think.
3v3rL4sT @ 2007-01-05 04:08
Gime a break 1.1k nano cost- without web/ior thats almost imposible at lvl 50 on a trox :(
mrjthekid @ 2007-01-21 03:18
Simply because a nano has a level req, does not mean you have to use it at that level, I'm sure someone's posted that somewhere or another too. But personally I've had no troubles casting things I need to, never tried to cast this less than 60 either.. L60 trox keeper just over 1.5k nano. fancy that ;)
Flatvia @ 2010-02-07 15:03
think Ward is a lot better at the level unless you're a pvp nerd who wants as much AAD and AAO as possible...
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