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Item Database - Gelid Blade of Inobak

Gelid Blade of Inobak Icon #204740 ...on the day of His coming, Dominus Inobak was blessed to be the first to feast upon His visage...
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear, No Ammo, Fast Attack, Parry, Parriable
Patch 14.7.8 14.9 15.0.1
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand, Left hand
Value 1
Equip time 2s
Attack time 1.3s
Recharge time 2s
Range 3 m
Damage 184-409 (89) - Cold AC
Attack rating cap 1200
Initiative skill Melee init
Mass 0kg
Multi melee 904
Multi ranged 0
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Evade close 100 %
Attack skills
1h Edged 100 %
To Equip User 1h Edged >= 1049 and
User Fast attack >= 909
On Equip User Modify Max health 50  
On Hit Target Cast Gelid Touch of Inobak 8% chance  
aquin @ 2003-05-22 14:44
wheee, what a weapon, but a inner sactum one, isn't it?
I'd love to get two of them, and then hell will freeze over ;-))
Lothori @ 2003-07-17 20:57
yea, they are pretty nice weps, your enemy is screwed if there wearing CAS and touch of Inobak works...
chaosgyro @ 2003-07-25 07:00
actually, the touch hits for 960-960 so anyone is screwed
Onangg @ 2004-03-23 00:20
For a lvl 152 enf would you suggest this over FBR?
nanonuker666 @ 2004-04-09 20:12
no because u cant get them on at 152 hehe fbr is god at your lvl
Tzalloch @ 2004-04-15 20:30
You could get them on at 152 I think, it would be really hard though. Some psychos think they can equip two at 125, I don't think that's possible. I wear a suit of CAS myself.. dear god do these weapons drop me like a rock. :P
skatuska @ 2004-04-27 18:30
They have been reliably put on several twinks at 130. At 125? I'm not sure, but it has been done at 130.
Artanis @ 2004-05-24 12:59
it cant be wear at 130 but only of adv....good fast attack and 1h edged buffs but only self :/
Xaam @ 2004-05-24 22:10
These can only be worn by enforcers at lvl 130, no sooner, and advent's can not get them on until lvl 145 when the next section of 1he/multi wield nano's become available to them.
Artanis @ 2004-05-29 22:19
I am dreaming or what .... want to show me enf 130 with gelids .. if u r so sure
Artanis @ 2004-05-29 22:20
its bad for enf to get so much multi melee
Artanis @ 2004-05-29 22:21
coz it cant :o
Darkcloud278 @ 2004-06-05 20:45
Well there is people runnin around with gelids x 2 on ADV/ENF at 130 its not hard if u know how to twink and have avial to all the buffing armours/weapons/items
zirrian @ 2004-06-06 03:47
Nekrid dual wielded these on his lvl 130 solitus enforcer. - Zirr
ghelu @ 2004-06-08 13:29
artanis when u'll put the ql 200ish imps u will have more than enough multii melee and btw i saw an adv at lvl 130 with 1 Gelid and 1 Crispy the Gelids rock to twink at lvl 130 :PP
powerworker @ 2004-06-19 23:59
heh it takes more then ql 200 imps to put em on at 130 but it's not the mult melee that is the hard part it's the Fast attack, if you even know this well hell n00b :P
SadSoul @ 2004-06-22 12:00
are they droped at 1st , 2nd or 3rd floor?
Multron @ 2004-06-26 10:44
3rd floor, Gelid himself will drop them, make sure puller don't have ANY reflects on, or you're doomed, Hezak can smell reflects before you can get nearGelid....
Docinabear @ 2004-07-20 22:19
Hmm who said lvl 130 was the lowest lvl for 2 x Gelids? =)
I got 2 x Gelids in on my lvl 125 Enfo (Bearox) so i guess thats a new record then =) *huggles everyone*

Xyboc @ 2004-10-16 04:15
L125 is possible for Gelids, but I was too lazy too try. Great weapons at any level!
zippy @ 2004-10-25 00:32
Pll pls tell me how u think a 130 enf can make it to equip 2 gelids at that lvl? fastattack 909 ,and multimelee 904 ? even with tier2 gloves i cant make it on 150
Docinabear @ 2004-11-06 19:40
Well, cant be that hard at lvl 150..
Well i had tier 1 glvoes (adds FA) on when i did it, tons of Sanguisugent armor (5 x 6 pts), BCT (adds multi melee(, that bracer from IS (adds 3 FA) and i bet i had tons i guess. 200 Imps is a must thou if you dont have it.
Docinabear @ 2004-11-06 19:41
ow btw, i dont think.. i know that its possible =p since i did it at lvl 125 =P
Cheysey @ 2005-02-18 06:47
id say it has to be fairly easy to get atleest 300+ in multi melee at 125..
205+ from inplants, and 75+ from perks. and i know there are alot of other items around that add that.. rings, that wierd looking finger both add 10+
armor that adds and other items... and with tricle down from buffs and inplants it should not be that hard. same thing with fast attack
zyx21 @ 2005-02-23 23:48
Chispy Chiroptera now owns this...
oresteez @ 2005-02-28 18:18
i saw a 140 adventurer the other night with 2x gelids
Silverheal @ 2005-03-15 18:40
heh with alien armor even more easier
oresteez @ 2005-04-14 17:52
if you can get 1 on, it's not hard to get 2 on, 900 multi melee is easy,
fast attack is the rough part...
doczi @ 2005-04-14 19:28
Oresteez: your wrong actually, mult melee is hard for any other class than adv.
You shouldnt equip these before 190+ w/ etc doc, but with adv you can do it around 160ish i guess. Mult Melee is a hell at lower lvls for other classes, and btw it's +210 from every imp. etc etc... Here you go:
Gelid Blade of Inobak
QL Range : 1
Drop Rate : Common (Drops 1 sword atleast everytime)
Drops from : Inobak the Gelid (Inner Sanctum 3rd Floor Boss)
Recommended Lvl : 200

1h Edged = 1049
Fast attack = 909
Multi Melee = 904

Base Skills for Breeds
Solitus: 659 1HE || 666 FA || 599 MM
Nano: 655 1HE || 664 FA || 596 MM
Opifex: 665 1HE || 679 FA || 609 MM
Atrox: 664 1HE || 659 FA || 604 MM

1 Hand Edged
QL 200 1HE Implants = 210 1HE
QL 200 Agility Implants = 11 1HE
QL 200 Strenght Implants = 9 1HE
QL 200 Stamina Implants = 8 1HE

Skill Wrangler (Premium) = 131 1HE

Iron Circle
Feline Grace
Composite Melee
Composite Attribute
Essence of Behemoth
Total = 33 1HE

Large Backpack - Sharp Star = 5 1HE
Melee Fighter's Skill Manual QL 180 = 4 1HE
Vanya's Pearl of the Right Brain || Cama's Pearl of the Right Brain = 6 1HE (x2)

Breed Required Items
Silken Legchopper Gloves (Atrox Only) = 40 1HE

Optional Items
Bootlegger's Armor Piece's 7 1HE Per QL 200

Solitus :1076 1HE
Nano : 1071 1HE
Opifex :1082 1HE
Atrox :1080 1HE

Fast Attack
QL 200 FA Implants = 210 FA
QL 200 Agility Implants = 12 FA
QL 200 Sense Implants = 9 FA

Composite Physical Special
Composite Attribute
Feline Grace
Enhanced Senses
Total = 28 FA

Superior Sentinel Gloves = 10 FA || Omni-Armed Forces Gloves = 10 FA || Gloves of Azure Reveries = 8 FA
Vanya's Pearl of the Right Brain || Cama's Pearl of the Right Brain = 6 FA (x2)
Enel Gil's Earring of Attention = 3 FA || Nar Shere's Earring of Tapping = 3 FA

Breed Required Items
Average Gloves (Solitus Only) = 5 FA

Solitus :935 FA
Nano : 933 FA
Opifex :948 FA
Atrox :928 FA

Multi Melee
QL 200 MM Impllants = 210 MM
QL 200 Agility Implants = 13 MM
QL 200 Strenght Implants = 7 MM
QL 200 Stamina Implants = 3 MM

Iron Circle
Feline Grace
Composite Attribute
Essence of Behemoth
Composite Physical Special
Total = 30 MM

Juggler's Treat = 10 MM

Ambidextrous 3 = 45 MM

Solitus :917 MM
Nano : 914 MM
Opifex :927 MM
Atrox :922 MM
oresteez @ 2005-04-18 18:22
nice post...
but in my defense, the convo started in reference to advies and enforcers wielding this at low levels...i was directing my statement more towards them....
i didnt really have a comment on the doc doing it at 130...never saw it myself..would be nice if docina would elaborate :)
Josefio @ 2005-07-22 18:04
do you think that two of these are more effective than two crispy chiropteras from COH?
Galira @ 2005-07-28 11:44
Depends on where you are.

The cripsy will be better when you are on RK but the Gelids rocks very much on SL. The armour class is higher on SL and thus you get the lowest damage a weapon can deliver with many hits. Many ppl suggest that you have one crispy in one hand and one Gelid in the other. I would only recommend this if you cannot change the weapons easily yourself. When you can trade the weapons freely you will want 2 x crispy on RK and 2 x Gelid on SL (however when you easily can shift weapons between those too you probably want another weapon altogether, like the alien Axe or something. :)
0.O @ 2005-07-30 09:35
when should an adv switch out of crispy/gelids and get into alien axe?
Galira @ 2005-08-04 10:35
As soon as you can. The Axes do much better damage then the Gelids and almost as good damage as the Chriops. The problem is that if you are on RK and the monsters have very low ac you can still beat the axes with chirops, but never with the gelids. However I find it very hard to equip the axes below level ~201-203. (When I say axes, I mean with axes with a QL of at least 180 or more. Under that I am not sure if the axes are better or not - you can check for yourself.
Mikura @ 2005-08-09 02:01
Accually...I think having 1 gelid and 1 chiro would be better in SL for Adv's in the 125-160ish range if for nothing else than backstab damage. As an added bonus you also get brawl damage too. Lower ql axes seem to be hard to find in the 120-180 ql range. Not to mention the 1he reqs for a 180 axe is 1200ish 1he.
Morthoseth @ 2005-09-07 19:49
A 130 doc could do it. Towers, implants, trickle implants, trickle buffs,
Vanya pearls, IS bracers, and *maybe* a few AI perks. At 130 you're *near*
cap to the TL and I know I'll be able to on my doc at 149, as planned. (lots
of trickle, as an opi.) Thing is, I did most of his PvP at 75ish and am more
interested in PvM, so I may wait until TL5-ish to even bother. But yes, it's
easily doable, especially with AI armor; you just have to have the patience
to do the twinking, which I don't at the moment. So, he may be the first, but
it's no big feat really. (Though a BIT more for trox w/lower sense/agl...)
Morthoseth @ 2005-09-07 19:54
BTW Doczi, you're wrong, Fast attack and Multi are easy. Multi is easy
because doc have the ambidextrious Multi line, and both MM and FA/1HE are
able to be twinked with a tower. Not to mention Juggler's treat, etc. An ENF
or Advy will have an even easier time, given their buff and perk lines are
even stronger. 125-130 is very doable with every class, with the right resources. No doubt.

I can run the numbers if you want, but it'd be lengthy. :)
Morthoseth @ 2005-09-07 20:02
Sharp star BP and gentle hands for 1HE (Which I think is actually hardest, IMO.)
Combichrist @ 2005-11-13 04:50
Combined Merc's ftw
grul @ 2005-11-25 15:19
Where do you find drop info like that which doczi posted? Or did you write all that from your own experience?
Daryan @ 2005-12-23 19:16
@ Doczi:
nice thing you did there...but i'm still trying to think up a way how you squezed 2 shining clusters (you seem to be thinking of 1he+str implants [both have their shining @ right-arm] at the same time and also stamina+sense [both have shining @ chest] at the same time or stamina+agi [both have fading cluster @ chest] ) into one implant.

so i'm really curious how you did that o_o

anyway nice thing lol
charmo @ 2006-01-07 06:08
really easy to get on .. without towers or alien armor at 175. Used ql 220 implants ... bootlegger's set. FG, PS, ES, behem, IC general buffs and some ql 230 agil buffing implants. NO problem what so ever .. no pearls used.
Datagutt @ 2006-05-21 02:32
lol at lvl 125 u could easily dual 2 of theese
Kolia_Nik @ 2006-06-30 23:00
"Datagutt @ 2006-05-21 02:32
lol at lvl 125 u could easily dual 2 of theese"
???easily??? may but not easy...
Painmaker2 @ 2006-07-01 00:31
naah not easy...
snakoshimaru @ 2006-07-03 00:59
Put one on with a Crispy Chiroptera at 185 with FROOB enfo. Hard twink required with Notum Miner's Hard Hat (+10FA/1HE), Azure gloves (+8FA/Sneak), Bloodshed Armband and 210+ FA, Sense and Agility imps. Should be possible from 160ish i guess. Permafrost sux thats why i switched to 1HE :)
Feydakin @ 2006-07-25 22:05
Speaking as an Adventurer... With QL200 implants and not even fully perked for Multi. Melee I was able to get dual Crispy Chiropteras on before level 120. That's with only self buffs, a low QL Sang suit and a 131 Wrangle. Since the MM req for these is about 100 points less, the 1HE is like 48 more points and Fast Attack is pretty reasonable to get at level 125, I would say it would be relatively easy to get a pair of these on at level 125.
bartje @ 2006-08-18 19:38
use in sl Crispy Chiroptera combined with a Gelid. = uber pwn chirop for specials and gelid for nice dmg and nuke ;)
Ryugu @ 2006-09-07 17:07
its the fast attack that makes these hard to equip
alder @ 2006-09-25 09:18
@Ryugu: right :)
@all other: why twink these in at lowest level possible?
if you want to make a tower twink and stop leveling that char - but if you want to level 125-15x is done very fast.
but maybe twinking them in might be a mmporg length comarision ;)
kazador @ 2006-10-25 21:56
so what ya what lvl is easy to put that on doc without much twinking?
Voriuste @ 2006-11-11 13:57
zyx21 @ 2005-02-23 23:48
Chispy Chiroptera now owns this...

Or not, min hitting mobs dude... Duel this with a typed Kyr axe ;)
Xira @ 2007-05-03 21:09
When people say "you cant wear this at (level)" I remember seeing the level 5 trader who could self his Pump master(ql 50) and all the others who could equip the "impossible" equipment
Mental_Elf @ 2007-05-07 23:33
whats a FBR?
pkv @ 2007-05-23 21:48
FBR, Frost-bound Reaper;
Yakobo66 @ 2007-07-20 23:43
... xira traders can equip pretty much anything they want with enough patience... damn drainers :(
fly @ 2007-08-21 18:59
Did he just completely forget perks in his setup? :P
sampiks @ 2007-09-24 18:04
hm... possible use these on trox/froob/doc? dual ofc..
Vxrniss @ 2007-10-09 20:31
Nowadays someone will duel these at level 90 or something -.- shame you cant enter IS untill 125
The weaponchoice for many pre-AI in SL, high min ftw
Timmysnipe @ 2008-11-30 00:28
any good on aliens?:p
Hotbuttered @ 2009-02-08 20:29
Froob solitus doc dualing these at 162 - equip:
Therrito @ 2010-02-05 15:43
How difficult would it be for a fr00b Soli Advy to dual wield these?
What would she need?
Approximately what level would she be able to do it?
Hotbuttered @ 2010-04-15 18:16
"How difficult would it be for a fr00b Soli Advy to dual wield these?"

Easier than a doc, for sure. I'll bet you could do it before 150.
Esproc @ 2010-09-02 16:34
Apparently you can get these from collector instance.
If you were able to equip them on a toon lower than lvl 125 and desire too.
Same with all the IS weapons.
If you've to motivation and the inclination, have at it :/
Bezalel @ 2010-09-06 02:31
Wow Esproc, this is yet again another post that I have seen that proves to me how much Collector has flipped the game. The other one was how is screwed prices on Dragonflesh chest since now it half price and more common.
Hatty @ 2012-01-03 02:47
Dualed them on a froob 165 nanomage doc without any major issues, is there any other weapon combo that can best the damage of dual gelids for a froob doctor (pvm and pvp)? I'll be interested to know.
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