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Item Database - Armor Creation with Mass Relocating Robots

Armor Creation with Mass Relocating Robots Icon #136330 First a little note: Omni-Tek on Rubi-Ka is suspicious about this technology, hence it has for the time being prohibited sale of programs for Mass Relocating Robots. Privat import is still legal (and popular).
For creating armors we have knowledge about two types of programs: 'Shape Soft Armor' and 'Shape Hard Armor'. Both are found in Programmed Photon Particle Emitters that can be transfered into Prepared Mass Relocating Robots.
The Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Soft Armor) is intended for use on animal hides, various syntethic materials and other 'soft' materials. For animal hides it is often recommended to tan them before use with the robot.
The Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Hard Armor) is intended for use on hard materials, most preferably alloys or various synthetic materials (like metaplast and plasteel). To use it with these materials it is necassary that patterns are made for the robot to follow. As yet only patterns made with the 'HSR - Sketch and Etch' tools are readable by this type of robot.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Use
Patch 14.4.2 17.7
Change QL:
Value 120
Mass 0.2kg
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