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Item Database - Kevlar Wool Balaclava Helmet

Kevlar Wool Balaclava Helmet Icon #160562 Kevlar wool has lately got its renaissance. It does not offer superior protection, but the porousity of this type of wool makes it possible to augment certain abilities of the user easily - utilizing notum thread patterns and GRT-01 type 'roaming' nanobots. The bots can only add to what you already know, but the balaclava can be updated as you gain experience - to fit your skill. NOTE: This type of headwear is only possible to use by people with 'legal' Agent training.
Flags Visible, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear, Use, Can Wear With Social Armor
Patch current
15 (interpolated between QL 1 and QL 200)
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Head
Value 6000
Mass 1.25kg
To Equip User Profession == Agent
User Level >= 15 and
To Use User Profession == Agent and
User Level >= 16 and
User Credits >= 7165
On Use User Hit Credits -7165 .. -7165  
if Profession == Agent  and
Level >= 2  
Chat Text You cannot upgrade this item now. You will be able to upgrade it the next time you gain a level.  
if Profession == Agent  and
Level == 1  
User Summon Item KEWO  
if Profession == Agent  and
Level >= 2  
User Destroy Item  
if Profession == Agent  and
Level >= 2  
On Equip User Modify Projectile AC 56  
User Modify Melee AC 56  
User Modify Energy AC 56  
User Modify Chemical AC 56  
User Modify Radiation AC 34  
User Modify Cold AC 51  
User Modify Poison AC 71  
User Modify Fire AC 51  
User Modify Perception 2  
User Modify Run speed 2  
User Modify Concealment 2  
User Modify Breaking and entry 2  
User Modify Projectile damage modifier 2  
User Modify Energy damage modifier 2  
User Modify Chemical damage modifier 2  
User Modify Poison damage modifier 2  
User Modify Critical chance 1  
Divine @ 2004-11-18 17:59
This is a really good headwear for agents almost all levels.
tavve @ 2004-11-25 15:31
Where can i find the balaclava helmet?
zippy @ 2004-12-12 03:18
Found in Fixer shop in Borealis
wooshell @ 2005-02-23 17:26
and damn expensive to upgrade...
pkv @ 2005-04-02 14:00
You think 100k is expensive at that level? :|
Enfsandy @ 2005-09-21 04:09
LOL My level 75 Agent twink is going to pay a lot just to upgrade it... prob a mil over time :/ I suppose one more crit chance is worth it though.
kiwu @ 2005-10-09 00:57
just got mine today (lvl27 agent then, now 32), and... got 100k from my trader and the sock is still only 28. 100k is nothing for a lvl200, but 13k is quite a bit for a lonely lvl32.
orfy @ 2005-12-21 21:22
Takes little more than 10 mil to level it from QL1 to QL200
pzkpfwVI @ 2006-07-02 20:38
how do you upgrade it?
Vladja @ 2006-07-02 22:55
right click it ^^
Zinrax @ 2006-09-12 15:40
From this you can make
Jornado @ 2007-05-29 20:41
really, if u upgrade it as you level, it doesn't make a huge dent in ur finances, when u consider that even in ToTW at level 30ish u can be pulling 100k every hour or so just looting credz from culties - if you are running hardcore missions, you can do much better, and upgrading it shouldn't break the bank. And just over 10mil for 1-200 really isn't much at all when u consider the earning potential on a decent lvl 200 toon...
AnonymousGuy @ 2007-09-21 22:28
hmm... a 10mil MOT (moneydrain over time) that makes you look like a total moron. is plus 1 or 2% crit chance really worth it? well, i guess you gotta take what you can get... i wouldnt wear it in public, though =p
Exossy @ 2008-03-13 21:18
At lowlvl the crit is really nice, not that much lowlvl items that gives crit... at least, with 275 Vision Enhancer, ofab gloves, base crit, and this, you have a minimum crit chance of 14% at any lvl.
Enys @ 2008-12-01 18:35
looks damn sexy man
Stage @ 2010-12-02 07:42
Like a sock you wear on your head!
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