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Item Database - MRR - Program List

MRR - Program List Icon #121435 This list is automatically updated whenever new programs and uses for the Mass Relocating Robot are developed. The list will transfer the knowledge to all MRR's within the limit of its transmission range. The currently known uses:
Improve Crushing Weapons: Advanced Baseballbat, Club, Stun-Baton
Improve Slashing Weapons: Tripler, Whings, Cutlass, Meatcleaver, Zenith Taichi, Burning Cresent, Clean Slay Axe
Improve Thrusting Weapons: Slank Chop, Gofleprod, Click Stabber, Tango Dirk
Flags Visible
Can Carry
Patch 13.4 13.6 14.2.1 14.7.8 14.9 17.6
Change QL:
Value 4350
Mass 1kg
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