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Item Database - Grid Armor Mk I

Grid Armor Mk I Icon #154554 This device is used by fixers to transfer their physical body (but not equipment) almost completely into the Grid, yet retain a presence in the real world. The link between the Grid and reality is maintained by a Multi-Spatial Phasing Beacon. What is left of the fixer in the real world is a semi-solid web of energy that the fixer controls as easily as they would their own body. When in this state, the only way the fixer can be damaged is if the Multi-Spatial Phasing Beacon is itself damaged, which hovers in the center of the energy web. A symbiotic link is maintained between the fixer and the Beacon while this device is worn - if the Beacon is destroyed, the fixer will die. However, given the small size of the Beacon, the majority of attacks tend to be avoided.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, Social Armor, No Drop, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 13.0 13.6 14.2.1 14.8 15.0.1 15.0.4 15.8 16.0 18.8.53
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Back
Value 1
Equip time 5s
Mass 1kg
Max health 1000000
To Equip User Profession == Fixer and
User Breaking and entry >= 174 and
User Time and space >= 261 and
User Matter metamorphosis >= 365
On Equip User Texture Body 154514  
User Texture Arms 154515  
User Texture Hands 154516  
User Texture Feet 154517  
User Texture Legs 154518  
User Modify Max health 50  
User Modify Projectile AC 265  
User Modify Melee AC 265  
User Modify Energy AC 265  
User Modify Chemical AC 265  
User Modify Radiation AC 265  
User Modify Cold AC 265  
User Modify Poison AC 265  
User Modify Fire AC 265  
User Modify Duck explosives 100  
User Modify Dodge ranged 100  
User Modify Evade close 100  
User Modify Nano resist 50  
User Modify NCU memory 25  
User Modify Defense modifier 850  
User Modify Projectile damage modifier 4  
User Modify Melee damage modifier 4  
User Modify Energy damage modifier 4  
User Modify Chemical damage modifier 4  
User Modify Radiation damage modifier 4  
User Modify Cold damage modifier 4  
User Modify Fire damage modifier 4  
User Modify Poison damage modifier 4  
Siddis @ 2002-09-26 18:35
When does this normally start to become useless?
faelinis @ 2002-10-25 01:26
what is the earliest lvl some one has put this on (self buffed and with mochams,infuse, etc, etc)? i am curious...
faelinis @ 2002-10-31 03:12
nm on my post above :) i got it on with mochams at lvl 43 :)
realreal @ 2003-02-17 15:31
someone got it on at lv 13 thats lowest i know.
d15turb3d @ 2003-02-23 02:26
Where can I get it? I've been looking forever. :)
LtBurlap @ 2003-05-29 19:22
off of any lvl 60 mob, chest or boss... drop % is VERY low tho
Xuronus @ 2003-06-18 09:05
A friend of mine found the disc for this when we were fighting in the Foreman's Office, off a level 50 base defender. Made the long run to Longest Road more than worthwhile. ;)
Ubatobd @ 2003-09-12 11:11
You were lucky, that's all. A friend of mine looted it on a dog in a mission...
ZzziippIT @ 2003-10-23 20:41
I took it on a blasted skeleton ^^
gameover @ 2004-02-27 01:16
Got mine by killing a bodyguard in formans. got on first try :O
Triceratroll @ 2004-07-31 19:31
found one in a box in a lvl 62 mission 10 minutes ago^^
Sypiken @ 2004-09-13 12:37
Anyone here that say's anything abaut weather it's good or not? =P It ownz at low lvl's, and i know someone that managed this at lvl 13, but that was at a NANOMAGE, just for the information.

BTW, if you got this at a twink, it's better to wear at lvl 15 and OE then wearing at lvl 20-24 and not OE, since the really nice thing abaut this is the sick evade's you get. With the new AI perk's im up to making a lvl 15 or lvl 25 twink wearing it.

Some general GA info now. :)

GA 1, lowest possible level to get on is 12. 18 not OE
GA 2, lowest possible level to get on is 32 or 36 (dont remember).46 not OE GA 3, been done at lvl 48. 60 not OE
GA 4, i cant remember exactly but i think it was lvl 70-80 or something.

Sypiken @ 2004-09-13 12:37
And BTW, body guard's in foreman's no longer drop this.
Serturos @ 2005-01-06 16:05
I don't remeber seeing any release saying they no longer drop at foremans... also I have never seen it drop off a gaurd but the solitus mobs in the med suits ( can't remeber the name off hand ).
Technicaly if your running mochams your not OE, lol well untill they run out or you get pwned by trader debuffs, nice having that kind of ncu at that lvl, unless bhere is another way of getting 152 ncu at that lvl?
Serturos @ 2005-01-06 16:05
Serturos @ 2005-01-06 16:07
Humm I wonder could it be possible to get a ql50 peren on aswell at lvl 12 ?
wooshell @ 2005-01-30 23:16
Is the GA1 any use at all? The AC are far below the Exarch robe.. and I don't see any worthwile special effects.. or do I miss anything there? Do you wear it just for the smurfy look?
Dandelion @ 2005-02-15 16:34
you wear it for +100 evades, but most of all for the +870!!! AddAllDef - which is outright insane :)
Dworkin @ 2005-03-18 16:03
yah the exarch robe is way better! j/k

for all nubis 870 addalldef=no mob below 60 can hit u
n btw ga1 is doable at lvl 7 - seen it ^^
TheFaint @ 2005-04-03 13:24
How can you get this on a lvl 12 char?
Eejis @ 2005-04-19 05:25
lvl 7? was it a nanomage? cuz i heard that lowest u can twink it on was 14 O_o
Mallor @ 2005-05-21 10:48
OMG ...GA is social armor...u cant wear anything else when wearing GA...
Anyway my lvl 20 Fixer has GA on and i'm Untoucable..
The evade ad's are just bonus..THE POINT IS AddAllDef +870..
If u dont understand the meaning of it then dont wear it..ITS JUST UBER
**I personally think there no point of AC at all..because u cant be hitted so its pointless....IF u'r lvl 20 The ods that a lvl 100 guard will hit u is 1/15
Datagutt @ 2005-06-04 10:37
lowest i know of is lvl 7 nanomage with all expansions
p1xel @ 2005-06-07 17:57
and how might the expansions help a level 7?
Fix @ 2005-06-16 08:22
GA is no big deal for a twink below 20ish...
I saw a fixer that got punished by Abumoth easy... Too easy.
I'd prefer trader with Pump Master or agent with 100ish peren
Fix @ 2005-06-16 08:24
He was at 100% btw...
nimarq @ 2005-07-29 17:04
Sounds weird Fix, I had entire sub(no GSF >_<) on me while I ganked Abby at lvl 24, and that was at 75% OE. He must've been full agg all the time O_o
Cheysey @ 2005-10-04 23:13
ohh.. trust me.. a GA fixer can be hit...
sneek attack and AS tear GA fixers to pices.
and a well made enf at lvl60 will rape a ga2 fixer...
not hard to kill a ga fixer.. if u know what to do
PeteFox @ 2005-10-20 12:50
True. Whats this talk about NTs using it? o.O Says Profession==fixer.....
q-Qualto @ 2005-10-28 15:40
NTs doesn't use GA. They do, however, have certain nukes that is made for tearing up GA fixers. ;)
schwingding @ 2005-10-30 08:41
I got GA I on my level 24 Atrox. I finally tired of raping Abmuth (3 times)and moved on to the temple. So far so good at level 41 w/ a QL 80 Beamer. Gonna try GoT soon.
12lettername @ 2005-11-25 23:56
Yeah CheySey GA fixers are hella gimp. I kill them all the time. You just gotta know what to do! </sarcasm>
zector @ 2005-12-19 13:43
How much does one of these Mk I armors cost usualy?
Mannystk @ 2005-12-20 11:54
i got it at 14 - with ql 55 peren - both at 100% :D
Mannystk @ 2005-12-20 11:54
Ga - With MC / MM and TS Mochams at 100%

And Peren with self Smg exper and Smg Buff at 100%
Enfsandy @ 2006-01-03 08:07
I've seen a level 24 trader with a styg tear through GA... without using his drains...

and being untouchable... drains touch you, then a few more... and your GA is 0%...
modsquad @ 2006-01-30 23:19
If a Fixer is going to just stand there & let him beat him with the Styg, he deserves to get pounded, shoot & run, the fixer way.
lorddredd @ 2006-02-15 05:52
I don&#8217;t know if Mannystk meant to say level 24 instead of 14, but I&#8217;m pretty sure I don&#8217;t believe GA1 and QL55 perennium both at 100% at level 14. I have a level 15 fixer with grid armor, and a bit of experience with this level of twink. For these buffs mentioned- MC, MM and TS mochams, Suppressor and SMG expertise, you would require 160 ncu. (not counting any other buffs like composite nano expertise or burst expertise&#8230;). 160 ncu is a major problem for a fixer wearing GA at lvl 14.

In order to cast grid armor on my fixer I need 170ish ncu. Other than the 4x belt and QL 79 ncu chips (23 ncu), I equipped a Ring of Nucleus Basalis (20 ncu), Crypt collar (30 ncu) and a full set of QL44 carb armor (21 ncu). This brought me up to 171 ncu, but all of this but the belt and memory chips cannot be worn once you&#8217;ve equipped the grid armor. So I&#8217;m left with 100 ncu, plus 25 from the GA itself (125 total ncu while wearing GA). There are no external ncu buffs at this level So, I&#8217;m still 35 ncu short of 160.

While making this fixer, I managed 190ish computer literacy with QL 70ish implants in all three slots, Intelligence, and Neuronal Stimulator buffs, a head skinchip-temperature modification and some pieces of the Omni Tek Grey suit. I didn&#8217;t equip a Galahad Beyer (+20CL) because I didn&#8217;t want to waste IP in full auto, but that might be a worthwhile option. I also didn&#8217;t have access to a Pioneer Backpack, which would add 10ish complit from a tutoring device. So, assuming Manny had access to, and equipped both of those, he&#8217;d end up with 30 more complit- around 220 (still 30 short of the lowest 5x belt). Optimistically, that would allow the equipping of QL 94ish mem chips, 26 ncu each for a total of roughly 137 ncu. Still that&#8217;s 23 short of the magical 160 ncu needed to run three mochams, a smg burst and suppressor. (realistically, you&#8217;d also need to run comp nano expertise so that&#8217;s actually 164 ncu)

Also- assuming there was some wa
lorddredd @ 2006-02-15 06:01
Also- even assuming there was some way to make up the extra ncu for all these buffs, that still doesn't keep the armor and weapon from overequipping, considering a conflict with the implant in the bright right hand slot. Assuming QL 85ish implants- if you put in a Matter Creation cluster you'll sacrifice the MG/SMG cluster, losing out on 28 ish points which will put the Perennium OE. If you put in the SMG cluster, you lose the 28 Matter Creation which will mean that the armor will be OE, even with Mochams.

For my fixer, I have two choices. I can run the armor at 50% OE with a composite teachings buff, or at 75% with two infuses and one mastery buff. The benefit of running with CT is a ton more room for OBs. It looks like Sypiken's post up above has a pretty good handle on this. I'd believe a lvl 18 fixer non OE. By then a 5x belt should be doable. I'd also believe anybody who's seen a lvl 7 fixer with grid armor- provided they were created quite a long time ago. Equipping grid armor at low levels is largely a matter of getting a lot of ncu. Back in the very early days of Anarchy Online, Trader computer literacy buffs were not self-only. (check out patch version 11 of Trading Mogul for example)

I'm sure I've missed something so if anyone can tell me how you get grid armor and a QL55 Perennium 100% at level 14, or how to get 164 ncu at lvl 14 on a grid fixer please let me know.
Msauss @ 2006-02-19 13:07
wouldn't the add 870 defence make you shot like once every 10 minutes? O.o
Msauss @ 2006-02-19 13:12
Guyofpie @ 2006-02-28 05:34
You're confusing that with the AGG/DEF bar, setting the bar all the way to def will slow down your weapon. However, Addalldef is a different thing, it has something to do with evades (not quite sure how).
Msauss @ 2006-02-28 11:12
and also, did u guys include for NCU the jobe NCU implants?
BefouledRK2 @ 2006-03-03 22:18
jobe clusters? i thought those title locked to ttl3 minimum?
BefouledRK2 @ 2006-03-03 22:18
a pair of rebuilt ncu wrist implants however... hmm :)
lorddredd @ 2006-03-31 02:09
NCU implants are a good idea. You could use one in the left wrist- giving up some nano resist and run speed (or whatever else you put in there). That wouldn't really work for the right wrist however. The bright burst cluster goes in that wrist, (as well as shiny ranged init.) So with an NCU implant you could get 6 or 7 more ncu at lvl 14ish. You could also put in an ear and leg symbiant instead of implants which would give 5 more ncu. That's still quite a ways from 164 ncu and I still don't believe Mannystk^^ has his GA and Perennium Beamer at 100% at lvl 14 :). I'm finally learning to stop believing everything I read :).
zerogates @ 2007-01-26 20:52
Fixer's have a perk which can give you about 8 NCU as well i believe
kady @ 2007-01-28 23:40
Sunglasses of Syncopated Heartbeats | No longer drops
Hollow Bone Bracer of Merlin Ambrosius | Tarasque
Corroded Ring | Tri Plumbo
Unbecoming Sleeves of Ljotur | Ljotur
Mirror Mask of Ljotu | Ljotur
Pick-a-Finger | Fixer Shop
Truspace 900 XL - Vision | Primus/Secundus, EFP Camp
Amber/Ruby/Sapphire Arcanum Specs | Zoftig Blimp in Hope (vendor)

All these can be worn with Ga 1,2,3,4
buttmuffin @ 2007-05-08 08:41
lowestgafix on rk2
level 6 NM GA fixer
Deedia @ 2007-05-12 13:36
BTW I put on my fixa at lvl 31 --> with 181 ncu ^^ 2 mochies, 1 infuse, trader give nano, and a +65 wrangle. and I am fr00b
Xira @ 2007-05-24 14:38
I need mochams to cast it at level 75... - -
Xira @ 2007-05-24 14:40
You Can't wear Truspace 900 XL - Vision with GA
Dumam @ 2007-05-26 01:38
You cant wear Amber/Ruby/Sapphire Arcanum Specs with GA aswell
Dumam @ 2007-05-26 01:39
You cant wear Amber/Ruby/Sapphire Arcanum Specs with GA aswell
Xira @ 2007-05-29 15:03
Sunglasses of Syncopated Heartbeats - cant wear
Ljotur stuff - Cant wear
Shareida @ 2007-12-16 15:06
Check the older database entrys for those items, it WAS possible to wear a full Ljotur set under GA.
pyroathiest @ 2008-07-22 21:37
I got GA1 onto a level 22 FROOB fixer. I used ql 50 implants, expertise for ts, mc, and mm, infuse for mm, teachings for mc, and a 132 wrangle, along with a 250 lend nano from a trader.i use carb armor and the ring of nucleus basalis to get enough ncu and nano for the buffs. with mc and mm mochs and ts mastery, it is at 75%, which is pretty much unhittable.
Eos @ 2008-09-30 16:52
I wonder if Agents can wear this on social now...
tikay @ 2008-10-07 23:59
if it was possible for agents it would say "User Visual profession" instead of "User Profession", but it doesnt ;)
Cppthis @ 2008-12-09 04:33
Yeah, this thing is nodrop and the nano is also profession == fixer, so agent coudlnt wear it in social slot because he cant cast the nano that creates this.
Chartax @ 2009-02-03 11:57
Lowest level seen with GA mk I is level 3.
Makamae @ 2011-03-20 03:50
All of the people talking about getting GA I on below 20(when you can use ToTW phats to get loads of NCU), did you guys take into account casting it AFTER you equip it and have to take off your CoH collar and the NCU ring? That makes things quite a bit harder if you want to recast it after the first time. That means 8 hours of fun, then you're out of luck unless you have quite a bit of NCU, and can afford to lose 50, and still recast it without having to go through twinking all over again.
Vigos @ 2011-04-14 22:39
I'm no twinker nor has it any appeal to me lol. If I can wear a GA on at the level equivalent of their QL (e.g. GA1 is QL60 so lvl 60) I'm a happy guy. I already have GA1, 2, and 3. Waiting for someone to sell GA4, since I haven't found it yet lol. Then I can start to make my fixer :)
Makamae @ 2011-07-28 03:35
Sorry I was misinformed. GA I lasts 6 hours not 8.
deanarthur @ 2012-03-26 16:59
Sypiken @ 2004-09-13 12:37 And BTW, body guard's in foreman's no longer drop this. response Just found the disk on a bobble head in Foremans. So your wrong. wooshell @ 2005-01-30 23:16

Is the GA1 any use at all? The AC are far below the Exarch robe.. and I don't see any worthwile special effects.. or do I miss anything there? Do you wear it just for the smurfy look? User Modify Duck explosives 100
User Modify Dodge ranged 100
User Modify Evade close 100
User Modify Nano resist 50
User Modify NCU memory 25
User Modify Defense modifier 870 Kind of speaks for itself and if you don't see it, you should think about learning a bit more about the game. GL
Twinkaholic @ 2012-05-18 01:40
In response to Lorddredd's post: I successfully equipped Grid Armor MK I on a 14 sloob (SL only) fixer. I ended up with 178 NCU total (while wearing GA) I am wearing the lowest possible Ql 5 slot (Ql 100; 251 comp lit required) and 5 QL 107 NCU Memories. The hardest part of the twink was the comp lit for the 5 slot being that fixers dont get any comp lit buffs besides comps (traders have comp lit buffs, hence they can equip 6 slots as low as level 1). I dont quite remember the items I used to equip my 5 slot (it was awhile ago ^^), but I will list everything I can remember:

Ql 44 Galahad Inc Beyer (+20)
QL 70 Implants (I also implanted tutoring in head, eye, and ear for the focus funnelers and tutoring device)(+80)
QL 1 Second Hand Old English Trading Co. (1 from trickledown)
Pirate Cloak of Captain Jim Salabim (+5 hidden bonus for traders and fixers)
QL 1-5 ring of presence x2 (+2)
Full omni comp lit suit (+6)
Primitive Focus Funnleing Helper (+10)
Loving Focus Funneling Helper (+10)
Pioneer Backpack (used to equip the focus funnelers and use a Ql 58 comp lit tutoring device)(+14.5 for the tutoring device)
Shades of Lucubration (7.5 trickle)
Comps (attribute and tradeskill special) (+23)
NS (+5 trickle)
Trickle from QL 70 ear (+2.25)

This is all I can remember, but I think I got all of it. In the end I ended up having EXACTLY 251 comp lit. With the 5 slot and my NCUs I can fairly easily cast GA and re equip it after it times out. (To re equip it I have to put on a med suit get SFA and comps and equip a +19 NCU ring then get the buffs to cast GA again) Without a 5 slot I think making a viable GA twink would be a problem at low levels (like Makamae and Dredd mentioned) Name of my twink ingame is Fudfsjjkh238 (Rubi Ka 2) for anyone that wants to say hi. Oh and also, my beamer is 75% because of the nanoskill and smg/burst cluster clashes.
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