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Item Database - Amytlo Executioner

Amytlo Executioner Icon #114001 Amytlo Neelno II ruled a disreputable band of pirates from an asteriod base in the Revonar ring. He happened to be one of the first people in modern time to get as far as the Marker system, where he landed on Turtle, the moon of LU-109-Borne. Here he found a hybrid race, seemingly a mix of human and some unknown alien race. (The people of Turtle is still proud of the alien blood in their veins, but no modern Turtelion are of less than 99,98 percent human pool). Among the souvenirs the pirate brought back from there, was the only specimen of an original Turtle-type executioner still in existence. Modelled on this weapon is the Amytlo Executioner.
Flags Visible, Modified Description
Can Carry, Wear, No Ammo, Sneak Attack
Patch 12.8 13.9.1 15.0.1
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand, Left hand
Value 153039
Equip time 5.8s
Attack time 1.14s
Recharge time 1.14s
Range 3 m
Damage 23-27 (101) - Melee AC
Attack rating cap 1011
Initiative skill Melee init
Mass 3.3kg
Multi melee 193
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Evade close 100 %
Attack skills
1h Edged 100 %
To Equip User 1h Edged >= 440 and
User Sneak attack >= 221
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