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Item Database - Pre-Universe Storage Device

Pre-Universe Storage Device Icon #130903 Despite all the discoveries made in this field the last 100 years - time techonology is one of man's least developed sciences. Exactly 'Hitting' time and space of the past is still one of the major obstacles to regular time travel. The Pre Universe Storage Device eludes the problem of ending up inside solid (occupied) space by approximately refering to pre-universal time. It is not truly known what the nature of space was at that time, but it works well for storage.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear, Use
Patch 14.5 17.6 18.3.2 18.8.53
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Right shoulder, Left shoulder, Right wrist, Left wrist, Right finger, Left finger
Value 1
To Equip User Adventuring >= 50 and
User Computer literacy >= 500 and
User Time and space >= 200
On Equip User Modify Energy AC 30  
User Modify NCU memory 5  
baba @ 2003-05-17 01:39
where or how to get this one ???
thegreatbear @ 2003-05-30 14:11
you get this from a few mobs in the PRIMUS CAMP "aces", notum profundis is 100% drop and the mercs drop it sometimes
philip @ 2005-12-27 05:34
whats the point :p
Pyros_15000 @ 2006-03-19 01:20
It does seem kinda average doesn't it?
snakoshimaru @ 2008-04-21 10:24
Useless as a buff item but that's not the point :)
What about 6 more backpacks in your social tab eheh ^^
Just uba :p
Yakobo66 @ 2008-07-07 16:37
what do these look like on?
a backback on the back slot maybe but what about the others O.o
Voriuste @ 2008-08-29 06:32
this isnt a backpack...
Satertek @ 2008-11-09 23:23
This broken now? Sounds like it is supposed to be a backpack.
Vanitra @ 2009-04-20 13:05
its a bp, put it in social tab and right click on it
Mazzarin @ 2009-05-24 15:34
doesnt open for me :\
Clier @ 2009-07-27 21:58
I wear all of my backpacks on my fingers. :P
Kimarzt @ 2009-09-16 10:37
If you can't opening them, then for whatever reason putting them in the "hand" slot on social tab and then opening works. After you do that you can move it to other slots and they open fine.
Xul @ 2010-02-22 09:49
NEW INFO on this.

Having this on your social fingers slot and putting items in it and zoneing deletes the items in it. No problems on shoulder or wrists spots till now. Hope they fix this bug, I want backpacks on my fingers!
Zakarh @ 2010-02-28 22:40
Yeah this item while equiped to my Right hand social tab slot deleted a bunch of nodrops/quest items of mine. I petitioned but the GM/ark cannot track the deleted items and thus cannot return them. some of the items I lost were from quests that I could not have got other items with out, like the thigh symb from neretva without having the neretva keycard. I got 3 items back out of 21 ;D

was so sweet to because they go on social and can be opened from the hotbars...
Ats @ 2010-08-30 23:47
Mine didn't open when I looted 3 of them. I petitioned asking if an ark/gm could maybe fix it for me and was able to get a nice GM to fix the containers for me. He had to log onto my character though (for 5 mins). When you do petition make sure you send it as "Question" status though. The first time I sent a petition about it i classified it as "Lost Items" and it got deleted.

Good luck!
Pung @ 2011-03-14 19:20
Location: RightShoulder LeftShoulder RightWrist LeftWrist RightFinger
Pung @ 2011-03-14 19:23
um, the point was you can use it in 4 social slots.
Therrito @ 2015-01-14 15:01
As of 13 January, 2015 they should now be able to open.
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