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Item Database - Instruction Disc (Summon Grid Armor Mk I)

Instruction Disc (Summon Grid Armor Mk I) Icon #83492 This QuarkStor(tm) data storage disc contains the raw nanobot AI programming for the nano program Summon Grid Armor Mk I. If combined with a Space Symbol Library, it will make a Compiled Algorithm (Summon Grid Armor Mk I). This is a tradeskill item.
Flags Visible
Can Carry
Patch 13.0 14.4.2
Change QL:
Value 155230
Mass 0.1kg
devilboy @ 2002-10-07 04:07
Some one know were were this disc can drop ?
moonshade @ 2003-02-10 20:13
Well, the "Direseeds" in southern Clondyke drops QL63 Instruction Discs, but I'm not sure you'll ever get one here. Buddy of mine tried to kill 600 Direseeds without any result. Only thng to do is to try yourselves.
moonshade @ 2003-02-10 20:17
No it's not NODROP. Look at Instruction Disk (Summon Grid Armor Mk I)
Nero @ 2003-02-18 01:05
This appears to me to be one of the worst items to be looking for on the planet, has anyone ever found a disc in a mission?
BlueSaint @ 2003-03-31 17:36
I found it in on a mission yesterday, in the Galway Shire. Mission about 60ish, me being lvl 53 in team with doc lvl 52 :) Highest bid on it for now is 25 M. This will get me and my teammate a Yalm each and some implants :)
Ashen @ 2003-06-13 08:10
Funny you say that...My RL buddy was sitting behind me, got a mission, turned to me and said, "I have a feeling about getting Grid armor on this mission." Sure enough, the second random mob in his mission dropped the disc. Me being a fixer, was excited. Him being an enforcer wasn't, so he gave me the disc to sell and split the money. After looking at the stats, I don't see what the big deal is, really. So if you are in need of buying it, send a /tell fluffytuff on RK2.
Arcadipane @ 2004-03-13 17:16
I just found one in a ql 50 mission.
fixergirlie @ 2004-09-13 17:30
do u find it in team missies or solo ??
me fix ( verry good ) is not happy becous i want grid armor if anyone sells i buy it for anyprice
merentha @ 2005-03-22 01:44
I just got the Instruction Disc!!! woohoo, it was in a q47 team mission I was soloing in Andromeda up by the Baracks, and found it in a barrel or chest in the boss level. Is it me or has anyone else noticed Funcom makes IDs drop at up to 13 ql over the mob/mission?
merentha @ 2005-03-24 05:21
Ok this is not that hard to get apparently. Just got another one on a q50 team mission I pulled in a team of two... It was in a footlocker and the 2nd floor.
Flink @ 2005-06-15 06:34
IDs found in chests/lockers/whatever are almost always of noticeably higher QL then the mish. In your case count yourself EXTREMELY lucky! I know of endless friends still searching trying out every possible way of obtaining it... and even though many are selling their MK I, MK II, MK III and even MK IV those are all from higher lvl main chars found in a lucky situation maybe once or twice until they reached 200 from startup. Finding it is still a very HARD.. for the average people who didnt get as lucky.. And the rumour that the droprates have been made higher since SL and even AI came out is rumour. I know of noone that was able to verify this rumour. Anyway gratz to your new blue and fixercool Grid Armor. I know the feeling myself when you find it for the first time...
Flink @ 2005-06-15 06:35
a very hard *task* ... ^^ sry
ober @ 2005-07-09 20:35
I've found three if this, and one of the MK II so far..
two first from team mish's, one on boss, one on a salamander(!), both mish's around level 60. Then I found one MK II somewhere (can't remember, normal human mob or barrel) in a team mish level 88 I believe. And yesterday I found a MK I while helping an orgmate at foremans. We got trained by some stupid engi, and one of the mobs in the train dropped the ga ;p
bartje @ 2005-09-25 13:19
i found the Nano Crystal (Summon Grid Armor Mk IV) with a friend of my in team mishh we sold it for 75.5 mil :O we both bought a yalm and A LOT of implants... Thank You fixers :P
lpx @ 2005-10-05 23:20
Missions solo or team seem to be the best bet, i've found 3 that way.
I found another one today in foremans off a Toxic Floater in the sewers.. 2nd one from tri-plumbo to be exact. So it still drops in foremans Patch 16.0.1.
However the drop rate is very low i've been farming notum frags/chips off and on for several days there, must have killed several 100's before i got lucky
Syn @ 2005-10-25 03:18
I got Instruction Disk (Summon Grid Armor Mk I) at Foreman's. A Toxic Bloater dropped it :) where can u get the space symbol library needed to compile?
Guyofpie @ 2005-11-14 06:54
This site tells you how to make nano crystals and where to get the items if you still want to know:
Magicmeta @ 2006-01-19 00:36
i went to claw camp and camped there for 6 hours(still didnt find it). I really want it for fix but cant afford it. Wheres another good place for it?
gdb2222 @ 2006-01-19 00:55
I'm pretty sure this is from team missions only, not solo missions, but would be nice if someone could confirm please.
dandin1 @ 2006-01-23 01:39
Is it still worth 20 mil?
WorldTrader @ 2006-01-23 20:51
QL 58 mish ;)
Haloer @ 2006-02-28 00:11
QL 62 solo mish, in a chest an hour ago!
BefouledRK2 @ 2006-03-27 15:42
paid 19m for mine from a clanner, omni wanted too much (30m minimum)....
lwfsimon @ 2007-01-30 13:34
forget missions it's too slow
it can be found in dynaloot (confirmed) .... but they are very rare
Thebestidea @ 2007-08-27 04:48
I JUST found this in Foreman's, it's uber rare though. I haven't seen it ever before now in Foreman's. Anarchy server went down before i got a chance to tell anyone about my find tho :(
myr3n @ 2007-12-18 20:07
now, 2007, is it common loot?
n3othebest @ 2008-01-14 21:33
just found one in forema's of toxic floater
myr3n @ 2008-02-03 18:52
is it just the floaters or something else wich drops it in biomare?
Diastole @ 2008-07-24 15:31
I found it just yesterday!! I was looking around at a guide on the AO forums and saw that someone
suggested filling their inventory with Instruction discs. Anyway I had like 10 in my inventory and went
out doing a couple of level 53 missions to no avail. Then tried my first level 57 mission and found it
in a box!! I'm so lucky xD If you need any more info give me a /tell Diastole
SpACatta @ 2009-05-29 02:48

That is just idiotic. There is nothing special you can do that will increase the chance to get it. Please do some research on Random Numbers.
jonjonz @ 2009-05-30 16:01
Found one of these last night in a level 52 team mission in one of those small brown cubes/boxes. I am tempted to hold on to it and roll a smurf eventually.
SpACatta @ 2009-06-24 03:38
I'll buy it if you're on RK1.
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