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Item Database - Modified A-4000 NCU-sheet

Modified A-4000 NCU-sheet Icon #149939 This is a hand-crafted sheet of interlocked Nano Containment Units. Due to the simplicity of the mechanism, it can be fastened on any unit able to utilize it, whether it is an android, robot or human breed.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 12.8
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Head
Value 1000000
Mass 0.1kg
To Equip User Computer literacy >= 901 and
User Profession == Engineer
On Equip User Modify Nano programming 40  
User Modify NCU memory 40  
RainFrost @ 2005-06-02 19:03
nice -_-
Dahfixer @ 2006-09-08 07:07
Any idea where to find this jewle
Tihru @ 2006-09-15 21:10
Clan modified A-4000 in Avalon Drops it
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