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Item Database - Cortex of the Executioner

Cortex of the Executioner Icon #12701 The brain stem of a cold-hearted executioner.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 12.8 12.9 13.6
Change QL:
Type Implant
Slot Head
Value 70000
Equip time 12s
Mass 0.7kg
To Equip User Level >= 36 and
User Sense >= 109 and
User Agility >= 109 and
User Treatment >= 228
On Equip User Modify Sneak attack 10  
User Modify Aimed shot 10  
User Modify Critical chance 1  
Phral @ 2002-05-08 15:44
Dropped by 'Betrayer of Memory' in Step of Madness (Near Neleb the Deranged)
balcrush @ 2002-12-12 14:45
I got it from Neleb too, so.. ;)
Sypiken @ 2004-10-14 03:26
O.o /me needs
daidi @ 2007-02-14 13:04
Still drops, got mine from Betrayer of Memory.
Jihla @ 2007-08-11 10:57
They should make a shade version!
shinzai @ 2008-06-04 17:51
Its nice if you dont need the nano skills from the brain implant. also nice for those agent NR twinks
kilafiremage @ 2015-01-20 00:54
one of those OP items nobody uses because they can't let go of nano skills... +1 crit, get it, got it, good.
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