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Item Database - Neutrino Flash

Neutrino Flash Icon #154361 This assault rifle fires streams of highly energized neutrinos. Along with inflicting damage, this has the effect of occasionally interfering with reflection shielding.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear, Burst
Patch 12.8 12.9 13.6 17.9
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand
Value 115000
Equip time 1s
Attack time 1s
Recharge time 1s
Range 21 m
Clip 30 - Energy ammo
Damage 50-160 (75) - Radiation AC
Attack rating cap 730
Burst cycle 1600
Initiative skill Ranged init
Mass 4.1kg
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Dodge ranged 100 %
Attack skills
Assault rifle 100 %
To Equip User Assault rifle >= 301 and
User Burst >= 151
On Hit Target Cast Neutrino Gale 5% chance  
erikfriend @ 2002-04-23 21:22
dropped by 'Notum Habit' in Steps Of Madness
Pfex @ 2003-04-27 20:20
Steps of Madness (Dungeon)>>Omni Forest, 800 x 2800
Waikaishi @ 2003-06-03 11:27
Is this good ?
Kingone @ 2004-11-28 11:37
For a lvl10 Sold, yes ^^
RobB @ 2005-08-15 17:26
to long charge & reload, to low max dam.

Should drop instead in the Subway, imo.
triggerzer0 @ 2005-10-07 14:35
yes, but you are forgetting about it's proc, which kills reflect sheilds sheilds for 15 seconds. it's not a killer gun, but it'd be decent for a low lvl froob twink
Jahf @ 2005-10-11 19:29
no, the beauty is it looks just like a pblaster.
triggerzer0 @ 2005-10-17 21:26
lol! does it really? then I'm deff. putting one on my lvl 9 NT twink
swank @ 2005-10-20 01:31
dont forget steps of madness was a dungeon long before SL came out, so comparing against any new items would be silly.

low drop rate thou
Jahf @ 2005-11-14 02:43
the real advantage to this gun is pure social .. you can be any class and look like you have a peren.
SpartaN2 @ 2005-12-28 20:01
you can just use a low ql nano-charged addault rifle and look like u have a peren...........................
genius71 @ 2006-03-15 03:35
kinda looks like perrenium blaster... beamer... w/e =D

I'M A FR00B!
RobB @ 2006-09-01 20:58
swank it has nothing to do with sl or not...
even against rk weapons, its to weak!
jokeUsa @ 2008-03-11 09:38
This baby is pure ownage in some situations...I.e apf13 with the reflect aliums :)
Maybe could be used in some pvp vs solds situations...
Threeze @ 2008-03-20 21:49
im gonna try and grab one of these for my mp... gonna see if it helps any at biodome
Vladja @ 2008-06-18 19:23
It looks like a hellspinner now :)
wintypes @ 2008-06-29 15:03
haha hellspinner
Ginsumaster @ 2008-06-30 13:57
it looks like a hellspinner, fires at 1/1, and hits for 50-170 now... reqs are pretty low too (300 AR, 150 Burst, or close to that) looks like a fun lowbie doc gun :D
0oglez @ 2008-07-03 21:33

I stuck this on a lv10 froob a while back for laughs

that's one helluva overpowered froob twink now :D
Trappin @ 2008-07-05 08:18
Neutrino Flash
Ammo: 30/30
Quality level: SPECIAL

Assault Rif from 301
Burst from 151

Ammo type: Energy Weapon Ammo
Damage: 50-160(75)
Attack 1.00s
Recharge 1.00s
Equip delay: 1.00s
Initiative: Ranged Weapons Initiative
Location: RightHand
Range: 21m
Special: Burst
Max beneficial skill: 730
Attack skills: Assault Rif 100%
Defence skills: Dodge-Rng 100%
Damage type: Radiation AC
blooody @ 2008-07-09 09:19
It's a decent weapon for anybody only want to lvling and dont wana buy a perenn immediatly.
So, that wps are not for twinking, but can help froob who dont have cred for anithing else.
Tarradax @ 2008-07-16 14:36
I like how Auno is sooooo up to date with the DB... Note it says Patch 13.6, heh.

The stats posted by Trappin are the correct ones and the gun looks like a Hellspinner. Evil little BFG-Wannabe.
necromantiq @ 2009-03-13 15:34
nice gun for doc before jame )
sickness56 @ 2009-03-30 14:23
Helped a friend get this 100% on a lvl 24 soldier. Does very fast, decent damage. a great little weapon since it got some love from funcom.
remember @ 2009-06-08 21:42
Is this a good twink weapon? (in subway)
Cppthis @ 2009-08-31 09:13
Like most of the new and improved Steps items, it's a fantastic lowbie froob weapon. I highly recommend it to soldiers and anyone else wanting a good assault rifle.
SpartaN2 @ 2009-09-27 06:15
Wow... got this on at level 12, they changed it, now its unequipped and theres no way to get it on.... took me forever to camp Notum Habit to get, and even longer to the get my guy the perfect implants and armor for that gun at level 12...... the whole toon was built around that gun.... now the reqs are too high.... thanks alot fc
Solidstriker @ 2010-03-15 09:59
possible on a level 10 though :x
Datagutt @ 2010-03-26 13:13
He must have been talking about a level 12 nanomage tradeskilling enforcer, this gun is shit easy to do.
SpartaN2 @ 2010-06-16 01:34
its not possible for a froob to get it on at lvl 12 anymore
Chartax @ 2010-07-02 14:06
Yes it is, it's very simple...
Chartax @ 2010-07-02 14:20
Assault Rifle Req = 301

Base Assault Rifle Skill = 5 * 12 = 69 including trickledown
Assault Rifle Expertise = 20
Skill Wrangler (Premium) = 131
Assault Rifle Mastery = 50
... = 270 Assault Rifle...
You're telling me you can't get 31 points in Implants?

Burst Req = 151
Base Burst Skill = 5 * 12 = 69
Riot Control = 110
= 179

And for the NCU just get some decent chips, carbonum set, NCU wrist implants, and 2 rings of the nucleus basalis...
Liamboru @ 2010-07-06 23:16
Chartax, while I am not questioning how simple it is, I believe the ncu rings are right finger only.
Binarybot @ 2010-07-23 19:51
NCU is easy to get. First, implant treatment and get NCU ring buffed up and equipped, then implant comp lit for bigger chips, use ql 16+ carbonum for +2 NCU per piece, fixer can perk-buff +9 (takes 1 NCU, gives +10) to lvl 10+ toons even if they are froob, electronicum pistol can add 2 more (and be hot-swapped), Sapphire ring gives +6 NCU for left hand. Can easily get over 100 NCU, and you wont need the biggest buffs if you get good implants in (ql 50 implants would give about 60 assault rifle and 30 burst or vice versa).

NCU is fairly easy to get IF you have the cash. Which I would assume you do if you have friends dragging you around Steppes of Madness at lvl 10 to get the gun.
Darth_Trader @ 2010-09-17 16:49
This need to be Upgradeable like the damn noob Rod :/.
Vigos @ 2010-12-04 02:22
Not really... this weapon will hold you over until you get Hellfury Assault Cannon. Then that will hold you over until you upgrade it or get the Hellspinner Shock Cannon and its subsequent upgrades lol. Man... fr00b soldiers have it as easy as fr00b engineers with their master engineering pistol, in the sense that their choice of weapons is solid and easy from lvl 1-200 xD
taipan @ 2010-12-26 01:29
Awesome weapon for soldiers and pretty much for any support prof. Way way better than Div 9 plasmaprojector.
aocat @ 2011-06-01 00:18
@ Vigos + taipan

Yes! easy to equip, good damage, speed, and proc,,, rocks from whatever level you can equip it and even up to 60+ (in PvP AND PvM)
Shakesbeer @ 2011-06-03 20:17
good for paid toons toon from level 15 and up until you get your pere blaster
O-P @ 2011-07-08 05:02
This gun is better than Hellfury, but not that Hellspinner
tazerboy @ 2011-07-14 20:05
what is the lowest lvl a froob can easly put this on at?
Lootwig @ 2011-07-27 01:20
tazerboy @ 2011-07-14 20:05
what is the lowest lvl a froob can easly put this on at?

Depends on what you think "easily". I did it at lvl 24, which was not hard with ql50 to 70 imps. It might get really tough on a froob under 20...
aocat @ 2012-01-12 06:06
I equipped on a 15 froob soldier, it is unfortunately just under the 241 skill req for 100%, so it is OE. That char only has QL 75 imps atm, but higher can def. be equipped at that level. If you don't mind it being OE, it is not hard at all to equip under level 20.. Assualt Rifle Mastery can be used to keep it at 100% as well
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